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It is important for us to operate as a team to ensure that we deliver together the best possible service to our clients. It was great to see that on a free Saturday so many of us took part in a perfectly organised team building event. The positive spirit and engagement but also the big laughs were a wonderful demonstration of good teamwork while by executing the 'missions' we also learned that we can even do better if we communicate more and have an open mind set. The 'final', building the bridge all together was for me the highlight of the event.
Mr. Coen van der Lubbe

(Regional Chief Operations Officer)

I must take this opportunity to thank Tiptop Consultant for delivering the 2-day training to us. Without doubt, Johnny has done a great job and I am sure it was one of the best training we have ever had! He is very professional and competent as a trainer. He had a very good manipulation on the learning atmosphere, and  integrated our SEB features into the examples. Our participants were all very satisfied with the training.
Ms. Cara Leung

(Training & Development Manager)

Customer Focused is one of our missions as being a global leader in the sporting goods industry. We strive to improve our products and services, which excel our consumer expectations and provide them with the highest value. We appreciated Tiptop as our business partner in supporting us to execute mystery shopper assessment for the "Star Service Program" and providing their professional solutions which align with our service standard.
Ms. Karen Hung

(Retail Training Manager)

We are happy to be able to collaborate with Tiptop, Clement facilitated the course seamlessly. It was a full day workshop and we did not find a dull moment in the session. Clement was 100% focused to make the learning journey for our teams absolutely fun filled and interesting. Our employees who participated in the session were full of energy and enjoyed learning new "leadership skills and tools" to be more effective in their processes in their current role.

We are delighted that our teamwork and collaboration with Tiptop added value to our employees learning journey, thanks Tiptop again for partnering so well with us.
Ms Madhurima Samajpati (Mandy)

(Training Manager)