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Online Learning Solutions

Tiptop’s online learning solutions use a blended learning method, combining the benefits of self-directed online learning and instructor-led offline training, thus allowing you to maximize the effectiveness of your team’s learning.

Blended Learning

Pain Points of Traditional Training
Tiptop's Online Learning Solutions allow for...


Pain Point 1

Challenging to gather learners at the same time and location to attend class

Learn anytime, anywhere

- Make use of fragmented time
- Not limited by time and location


Pain Point 2

Learners not fully comprehending during class, and not remembering thereafter

Competency-based Learning

- Review video at own discretion to consolidate learning 
- Strengthen application
through skills practice


Pain Point 3

Difficulty in managing time as need to cover both knowledge and application

Flipped Classroom Learning Mode

- Learn knowledge online, practise skills and address questions offline
- Optimize use of trainers’ and trainees’ time

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