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Corporate Training

Corporate training that emphasis both practicality and enjoyment

Service Management

The market is changing, the customer is changing, technology is changing, the team is changing; the only constant is the business model of making customers satisfied and loyal and becoming repeat customers. The question is how to do this?

Tiptop’s Service Management Series helps you to:

  • Allow colleagues in different positions and departments to appreciate the importance of service, and understand the key points and application tools of customer experience management
  • Master service management skills such as service auditing, coaching and target management, discover and solve problems on site, and drive customer service
  • Deal with difficult situations such as customer complaints and turn crises into opportunities
Sales Management

Many customers hate hard sell. To achieve sales, one must understand the customer's buying psychology and sales methods must keep pace with the times.

Tiptop’s Sales Management Series helps you to:

  • Understand the psychology and needs of today's customers, and arouse their' interest in the product and desire to purchase
  • Tell stories to show the value of the individual, the product, and the brand, and facilitate sales without hard selling
  • Analyze data to understand the current sales status, set sales goals and sales coaching actions
Team Management

Management Guru, Peter Drucker once said: "Management is the dynamic life-giving element in every organization." However, few people are born managers, but are cultivated through experiences and learning.

Tiptop’s Team Management Series helps you to:

  • Prepare your transition to a manager’s role, learn to lead, motivate, and inspire the team
  • Coach your team members and provide feedback to help them in their growth and self-learning
  • Set goals, manage goals, manage work progress, and evaluate performance
Personal Development

In an ever-changing VUCA world, regardless of the position you are in, a growth mindset, continuous learning, lifelong growth are essential prerequisites to help you equip yourself to meet new challenges in the market.

Tiptop’s Personal Development Series helps you to:

  • Use different psychology tools to better understand yourself and your coworker
  • Build up mental energy to manage emotions (and) negative stress (reduce stress?) and stay focused
  • Improve key communication skills such as presentation skills, influencing, negotiation, and conflict resolution

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