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Field Coaching

Why the need for field coaching?

Knowledge learned in the classroom very often is not easy to apply. One may feel unaccustomed, or there may be some hang ups which have not been completely eliminated, or one may encounter difficulties and lack of support. Field coaching is a way to support the transformation of learning. Tiptop’s management consultants will personally visit staff’s workplace, observe staff apply the skills learnt, provide them with feedback to ensure that staff can really apply what they have learned.


Pain Points of Traditional Training
Tiptop's Field Coaching allow for...


Skills learnt in the classroom are difficult to apply at work

Tiptop’s management consultants address the challenges of team members in using the skills learned in the classroom and guide the application of these skills in work scenarios to achieve effective knowledge transformation.


Managers may master the skills themselves, but they lack the ability to train and coach, thereby limiting the transfer of knowledge and know-hows to frontline team members.

Management consultants on hand to observe the manager’s briefing, one-on-one or on-site feedback ability and skills, and guide the manager in real time so that the manager can become a good coach.

Managers have little experience and fail to effectively formulate business strategies and set goals based on characteristics of the store.

Experienced management consultants visit the stores to help new managers identify their blind spots, grasp key concepts, set effective sales and service strategies and goals, and breakthrough the bottleneck in store growth.