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Focus Group

Tiptop focus group helps you gather deep insight, opinions, and perspectives from customers and employees, forming the strategies and direction that fits.

Advantages of Focus Group

More Extensive In-Depth Interviews

  • Get more customer insights at one time

Highly Interactive Exploratory Research

  • A group of individuals with similar profile brainstorming together can generate more ideas and inspiration

Comfortable Atmosphere

  • A less stressful, less restrained, more relaxed atmosphere makes participants more willing to share


Customer-related themes
Customer-related themes
  • Brand impression
  • Brand positioning
  • Expectation on products/ service
  • Product improvements
Employee-related themes
Employee-related themes
  • Staff opinion collection
  • Existing or new company policies
  • Employee development and Career path
  • Employee loyalty


Online Focus Group
Online Focus Group
  • Using platforms like Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams
  • Not constrained by geographical location, not necessary to gather participants in a same physical setting
  • Professional facilitator to lead online discussion
Live Focus Group
Live Focus Group
  • One-way mirror facilities that enable you to see the instant response
  • Face-to-face interaction

Why Tiptop?

Professional facilitator who can probe the genuine thoughts and viewpoints from participants

Large participant network so you can gather insights from your target audience

Customized execution plan, whether online or offline