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Customer Research

Qualitative and quantitative research that helps you understand market trends and customer voice and grasp every growth opportunity.

Research areas

Traffic Count

Customer Satisfaction Survey

User Experience Survey 

Exit Survey

Brand Analysis

Behavioral Studies

Product Testing

Concept Testing

Research method

Online Methodology
Online Methodology
  • Online Survey
  • Online Focus Group
  • Online In-depth Interview
Traditional Methodology
Traditional Methodology
  • Live Focus Group
  • Face-to-Face in-depth Interview
  • Street intercept interview
  • Telephone Interview

Online consumer habits survey

Between December 2020 – January 2021, Tiptop conducted an online survey with 154 respondents to understand their habits in using online shopping and food delivery platforms, as well as their satisfaction level with each platform.

Click here to download the detailed report of Tiptop’s Online Consumption Habits Survey

Why Tiptop?

Familiarity of Research Team with the Market
Familiarity of Research Team with the Market

The team has accumulated many years of experience in service industries and better understands your market, customers and needs.

Experienced Research Team
Experienced Research Team

The highly proficient team can tailor the most suitable research methodology and answer your utmost concerns.

One-stop Research Service
One-stop Research Service

Full range of research solutions covering research design, implementation, and analysis offers you convenience.